Advanced and Market Proven LTE Solutions

GDM7243 Series: Pick your LTE Speed from Category M1/NB1 to 16+

Pick Your LTE Speed

With the development of its unique patented direct conversion architecture, GCT offers a wide range of products to support the demands of wireless device manufacturers worldwide.

GCT’s system-on-chip solutions integrate radio frequency, baseband modem and digital signal processing functions, therefore offering complete 4G platform solutions with small form factors, low power consumption, high performance, high reliability and cost effectiveness.

Easier and faster device integration

GCT’s market-proven LTE solutions, including its full line of GDM7243 products, have enabled fast and reliable LTE connectivity to numerous commercial devices such as smartphones, tablets, hotspots, USB dongles, routers, M2M applications, etc., for the world’s top LTE carriers.

High performance LTE mobile broadband for routers, CPEs, mobile hotspots, smartphones, IoT and more


Superior Connectivity Options for IoT: Supporting LTE Cat. M1/NB1/EC-GSM and Sigfox LPWA mode IoT Connectivity

GCT’s Category 4 LTE single chip offers VoLTE and eMBMS, while supporting FDD and TDD frequency bands.

GCT's category 4 LTE single chip supports a wide range of bands, including B31(450 MHz) to B42 (3.5GHz) and B43 (3.8GHz), and includes the RF Transceiver, modem SoC and DDR2 128 MB.

This FDD-TDD LTE Category 5/6/7 single chip offers advanced LTE with Carrier Aggregation and 4X4 MIMO technology.

GCT’s advanced LTE Category 5/6/7 single-chip with 4X4 MIMO extends support to bands B42 and B43.

GCT’s LTE Advanced Pro Cat 12/15 4.75 single chip with Carrier Aggregation and advanced 4X4 MIMO antenna technology.

GCT’s LTE single-chips have successfully completed IOT testing, field trials and certification with tier-one infrastructure vendors globally.  With GCT’s lead time in the market, our solutions offer faster time-to-market with improved product integration. We offer many reference designs to ensure a smooth and fast transition to mass production.

GCT also offers a wide range of Cellular CMOS RF products.