GCT Chip 7240


LTE GCT’s Single Chip Advantage:
RF+ Baseband on a Single Chip

Market-Proven LTE Solutions

The wireless market today continues to experience growing demand for higher data speed, higher mobility and enhanced applications. With its highly integrated system, GCT’s LTE single-chips, which include both radio frequency (RF) and baseband (BB) onto one single chip, offer a market-proven solution that meets and exceeds the requirements of today’s high industry demands.

Lower power consumption, smaller form factor, easier & faster device integration

GCT’s LTE single-chips, commercially available since 2010, have successfully completed IOT testing, field trials and certification with tier-one infrastructure vendors globally.  With GCT’s lead time in the market, our solutions offer faster time-to-market with improved product integration. We offer many reference designs to ensure a smooth and fast transition to mass production.

GCT’s LTE solutions include an LTE baseband, a high performance processor, a transceiver as well as an array of peripherals for connectivity and multimedia. The integrated radio transceiver provides a configurable direct conversion multi-bandwidth functionality supporting all LTE bandwidths.


  • Mature market-proven LTE solutions
  • Single chip
  • Lower power consumption
  • Category M to 12+ throughput
  • Supporting all LTE frequency bands

LTE Solutions Ideal for Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Hotspots, CPEs, USB Dongles, M2M, Ultrabooks and More.

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