GCT Mini Card GDM7240

GCT. Industry and Market Proven.

With the development of its unique patented direct conversion architecture, GCT offers a wide range of products to support the demands of many wireless communications standards, including GSM/GPRS, PHS (PAS), WCDMA, Bluetooth®, mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e WAVE 2 and WiFi 802.11 b/g. GCT’s highly integrated wireless communications ICs offer a variety of benefits for wireless devices including small die size, low cost, low power consumption and low BOM cost.

GCT’s single-chip solutions integrate RF, MAC and PHY, all into one monolithic die, offering the smallest footprint available in the industry today. With over 2 million WiMAX chips shipped worldwide, GCT is the industry choice and proven solution provider for mobile devices.

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